Building a house

Congratulation! You submitted your paperwork to the city and permits will be here soon. It has been fun to plan your house on a paper but this stage is over, and it's time to plan a construction of your project. Where to start and how to proceed to from here? Those and many other questions are common for our customers that's why in this section we provide a short roadmap for those who are new to home building.

What makes a successful house building project

Construction is all about contractors, special trades, and on time delivery of services and material. To make it to a next step you need to finish a previous one, and not another way around, no bypass or short cuts here. If there is no footing there will be no foundation, without foundation your framers will be puzzled as for where to install a frame, and without walls, there is no roof, and so on and so forth. So the key, to have a successful project with on time delivery is to have a good, reasonable schedule for your sub-trades and supplier, as well as professional, skilled trades to assure the best workmanship of the project.

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