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Toronto houses are built for additions. 

Toronto is famous for home additions. It's a truly unique experience to live in Toronto, with a variety of cultures from all over the world, amazing multicultural people speaking tens of different languages, world-class schools and healthcare, and safe and sound neighborhoods. All of these factors make Toronto a truly unique place to live, and you'll want to stay. However, most Toronto houses were built in the first part of the 20th century or even earlier, and they're not up to modern standards. There's a need for more rooms, washrooms, basements, updated ceilings, outdated interior and exterior design, inconvenient layouts, etc. Fortunately, the previous generation of Torontonians were good builders. They left us with very sophisticated and structurally sound houses that are relatively easy to transform into spacious, modern homes that will serve us for many generations. Here at Wellcore Corporation, we have perfected how to transform the average Toronto house into a truly magnificent home for the entire family.

What addition can do to my home?   

So, what transformations can be done to my home through additions? In short, almost anything. Adding to the house can expand space, add rooms, washrooms, garages, increase ceiling heights, deepen basement heights, completely overhaul layouts by relocating the kitchen to a different part of the house and enlarging it, create a family room or living room, add a powder room or entire washroom, relocate or create new windows much larger than before. A common addition in Toronto these days is adding an entire floor to a bungalow or a third floor to a two-story house! If that’s not enough, we can add more space to the basement by expanding the foundation and adding more square footage to the first floor! Consequently, the second floor adds even more area. There are endless possibilities to transform your current home into something spectacular. Visit our gallery for projects we have accomplished in the past and feel the difference made by many homeowners who chose Wellcore Corporation for their additions.

What is Wellcore Corporation?

Wellcore Corporation is a truly unique company. We prove that our projects have the most affordable budgets and quick turnaround. In almost two decades of service, we have been accomplishing additions in all areas of GTA. We have been designing and building Second-story additions, Third-story additions, underpinnings of basements, and foundation expansion, but in most cases, combinations of all those additions in one project. Wellcore remarkability is a combination of Design and Construction teams under one roof. Working together, shoulder to shoulder, from the stage when the house is designed to the stage when keys are given to the homeowner, provides exceptional results and efficiency. Being within a phone call reach 24 hours a day and speaking with each other during all stages of the house-building process without any appointments, scheduling, or other stress provide a quick and cost-effective decision-making process. 

Latest Home Additions Projects

  • Home Additions

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  • Home Additions

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    Rethinking Toronto Bungalows: Second Story Transformation
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    Timeless Appeal, Modern Living: Garage & 2nd Floor Addition
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    Altitude Ascent: Second Story Addition and 11 ft Ceilings on All Floors
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    Dream Home Expansion: Mississauga Edition
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    Smart Style: Innovative Three-Story Addition in Tight Space
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    Classic Ranch Reimagined: Unique Layout Concept

What Our Clients Say About Home Additions

  • This was a large undertaking by our family. We essentially kept 3 walls and the roof. Everything else is new. The work was completed on time and on budget, which is a rarity in today's age. Thank you Alex for helping us reshape our house. We're pleased with the results and look forward to settling down in our modern home.

    Robbie, as seen on HomeStars (10/10)

  • Alex and his team at Wellcore made my vision become real. Just imagine one of those ancient downtown multi-tenant wrecks with "good bones". I had no idea I was in for a gut job! Thank goodness Alex was smart enough to anticipate what we would encounter and bid an adequate budget -- which he was vigilant about monitoring -- to make sure I always approved any "extras" before proceeding.

    Private User

  • Wellcore, designed and built a large side and second floor addition, more than doubling the livable square footage. End result was incredible and could pass as a new house built at 50% more per square foot

    Happy homeowner, as seen on HomeStars (10/10)

  • Wellcore, designed and built a large side and second floor addition, more than doubling the livable square footage. It was a large challenging project requiring excavation, tree removals and numerous surprises along the way. Some limited delays along the way, mostly unavoidable. Wellcore provided end to end service allowing us the right level of involvement. End result was incredible and could pass as a new house built at 50% more per square foot.

    Another happy homeowner

  • They have a Great Team we enjoyed, I am looking forward in working with them in our next project.


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