Architectural Drawings And Permits

Start Planning

Start planningWhen you have made the decision and you are ready to build your home, it is most important to find an experienced builder with an internal architectural department and design team to create a detailed plan and drawings to obtain permits. If you are not sure if you want to build an addition or a new home, Wellcores experienced team will provide you with all the options and opportunities that lie within your current home. Contact us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting on site to make a plan of action on the quickest and easiest way to obtain all the necessary paperwork.

Steps to Obtain Permits

Steps to obtain permitsWhile in general obtaining permits for home addition or new build is quite similar, there are slight differences in pricing and procedure. Our professional team with over 17 years of experience will take you through the entire process from initial ideas to a building permit in hands.

Service We Provide:

Service we provide:

  • Initial meeting and discussion of project vision
  • Check out existing property/ structure.
  • Preparing Sketches of layouts and elevations
  • Preparing preliminary budget
  • Preparing drawings
  • Preparing structural drawings
  • Preparing HVAC drawings
  • Preparing Plumbing drawings
  • Lumber package
  • Committee of adjustment approvals
  • TLAB work (if required)
  • 3D design

Planning Your Finance

It's very important in the beginning of a project to have budgets and costs for work ahead of you. That’s why it's imminent to know your numbers BEFORE you start work on the project. Wellcores experience gained in the past decade as well as our internal budgeting systems, we can provide you with very accurate estimates of the project's budget, areas where to expect extras or be prepared for unforeseen expenses. We are known for meticulously sticking to the budget.

Planning your finance

Choose the Wellcore Way

Choose the Wellcore way Wellcore has created our internal team over 17 years ago and the same team still strives together. The Wellcore team consists of estimators, architects, designers and engineers all working together as one team under one roof, to manage your project from start to finish. We created one of the most successful companies where the project is designed not only to satisfy customer wishes and ideas but also to meet budget expectations. When planning and drawing your project we are not simply providing you with building permits we provide you accomplished, ready to use projects that can be built on budget and on time.

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