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New Custom HomeBuilding a brand new custom home for yourself is a very exciting process thatstar can come with some challenges. Here at Wellcore we understand the potential difficulties it involves, and are here to professionally mitigate the challenges and risks. Our specialist will ensure that every part of the design and building process runs according to standard guides and regulations along with the time and budgeting.

Understanding Custom Homes

Understanding Custom HomesWhen you are ready to build it is always important to seek advice from knowledgeable professionals. Their expert point of view and advice will help you achieve the most out of your vision and within your budget. Some of these opportunities may only be achieved at the design stages so hiring a full service builder will manage your project from the very beginning to the very end, in an efficient and effective manner. Wellcores experience and knowledge offers a unique approach to manage your custom home design and building process.

Unlimited Design Ideas

Unlimited Design IdeasThe custom home you envision and desire may differ from what is achievable based on real time circumstances . We have to consider certain limitations that arise from zoning, budget, land and market suppliers. Working with Wellcores architects and designers who will ensure to create the perfect home for you while adhering to the building codes and regulations, and of course your budget in mind.

Why Wellcore

Why WellcoreSince 2006 Wellcore has built one of the most trusted, and recognized names in the construction industry. We are very dedicated in selecting only the most educated, knowledgeable, experienced and licensed professionals, with proven track records. . At Wellcore we have developed our extensive, transparent, very detailed budget and internal unique software and systems that ensures a smooth delivery of your ideas to the field. We pride ourselves to be a detail oriented company where every element is thought through and accounted for and recorded. This allows us to ensure that the building process runs fluently. Wellcore as a full service builder offers, in house architects and designers who will create the perfect home design, our engineers and construction crew will make sure that everything is done to the highest standards, our project management and budget teams will ensure to keep your project is running in the most cost effective way as well as promptly, and effectively.

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What Our Clients Say About Custom Homes

  • Wellcore, designed and built a large side and second floor addition, more than doubling the livable square footage. End result was incredible and could pass as a new house built at 50% more per square foot

    Happy homeowner, as seen on HomeStars (10/10)

  • Just imagine one of those ancient downtown multi-tenant wrecks with "good bones". Alex always found an "in-budget" way to include a restoration feature, and affordable ways to solve a problem. And many thanks to Natalia for wonderful and endlessly patient design assistance. Plus, Wellcore handled all the drawings, permits, and inspections. I was so lucky to find this company and will definitely use them again.

    Jane (4.7/5 Trusted Pros score )

  • We interviewed numerous contractors and increasingly felt discouraged and defeated... until we met Alex and the Wellcore team. They were professional, courteous, honest and responsive. Most importantly, we were on budget. With three kids and one on the way, we had no choice but find a solution to our space constraints. Moving was not an option, so we contemplated renovating and expanding our existing dwelling. We interviewed numerous contractors and increasingly felt discouraged and defeated... until we met Alex and the Wellcore team. We signed a contract and soon realized that we made the right decision. They were professional, courteous, honest and responsive. Most importantly, we were on budget. We would recommend Wellcore to anyone with home renovation needs.

    Nicholas1, as seen on Homestars (10/10)

  • I couldn’t be happier with professionalism and resourcefulness of Alex and his team!


  • This was a large undertaking by our family. We essentially kept 3 walls and the roof. Everything else is new. The work was completed on time and on budget, which is a rarity in today's age. Thank you Alex for helping us reshape our house. We're pleased with the results and look forward to settling down in our modern home.

    Robbie, as seen on HomeStars (10/10)

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