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Kitchen is deservedly called the focal point of any house. This is the gathering, entertaining, conversational place, where the family spends the most of the time.


Most often, our customers used to coop with the kitchens inherited from the the previous owners of the house, or the builder. So, when time comes to a kitchen planning, it is difficult to find more excited and happy person. Our homeowners can talk about their future kitchens for hours, sharing their ideas, likes and dislikes, surfing web for the inspiration etc.


We used to collaborate with several local kitchen manufacturers, as well as with mass production giants such as Ikea and Home Depot. Our designer helped the homeowners to create the kitchen sketches, and then passed them to the manufactirer to finalize the details and the pricing of the future project. Soon, we found out that the kitchen project could've  run much smoother with more benefits for the homeowner if the single point of contact was established. There woud be no more misunderstanding, shifting responsibilities, pricing confusion among us, the kitchen contractor and the homeowner, to the greatest benefit of all.


After carefull market review, we selected an Europen kitchen manufacturer who was able to deliver the options and the quality of the final product in accordance to our demanding standards. We offer to our homeowners top of the line BLUM  Austrian hardware, famoust for the perfect motion of fitting systems. Our European partners offer endless options for the finishes, including "in-vogue" satin finish with silky smooth appearance which gives zero chances to fingerprints.  The cabinets arrive assembled with top quality European craftsmanship, at the manufacturer with the right tools and machines. 


Below are just a few examples of our artizan kithens. Please browise our Project Gallery to view more. 







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