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Wellcore Corporation Past

Wellcore Corporation was founded in 2006 in response to the GTA housing demand for affordable yet customized houses for modern families. Since then, we have designed and built over half a million square feet of living space crafted for 150+ families.

Our company was founded by three partners who envisioned that the future of residential construction is in the customization of each home to the specific needs of one family. Yet, customization should be affordable and stress-free, which was hard to achieve based on old, archaic custom home construction practices. Fortunately, our founders have all the required expertise to overcome this challenge.

Our Founders

The Designer

200+ house design projects, 150+ Committee of adjustment hearings passed, TLAB case won, 200+ building permits obtained, over 20 years of experience in construction project management, residential design, and building planning.

What our customers say:   "All build and design options were clearly explained relative to cost and timing - no surprises," and "Many thanks to Natalia for wonderful and endlessly patient design assistance."

The Builder

Over 40 years of field experience in residential home building, specializing in the meticulous management of each stage of construction, following traditional construction methods with an innovative approach to construction practice.

What our customers say: "During the demolition phase, there were several surprises due to the age of the house, but Vince was able to solve these problems as they came up," "The quality of the construction (yay Vince!) and the craftsmanship of the interior finishings is top-notch (and I am a very demanding customer)."

The Project Manager

Over 20 years of knowledge of the housing market, construction practices, budgeting skills, and excellent customer service experience backed up by the York University major in economics.

What our customers say: "Alex was smart enough to anticipate what we would encounter and bid an adequate budget -- which he was vigilant about monitoring -- to make sure I always approved any "extras" before proceeding," “No need to worry as long as Alex is on the case.”

Wellcore Corporation Present

Over the past two decades, Wellcore has become a trusted name in construction, overcoming challenges and building strong relationships with suppliers and contractors. Our focus on reliability, transparency, and timely delivery has been key to our success.

While we've met our goals, we're not stopping here. With new technology and challenges ahead, Wellcore is ready to keep growing and serving our customers, just like we always have.

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