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At Wellcore, our mission is to be the leader in the customized yet reasonably priced housing construction industry in GTA.


As a custom home construction company, our goal is to empower the homeowners with our systematic approach to build customized housing on time and on budget. We do this by sharing our professional expertise, workforce resources and access to contractor discounts on major jobs. We strive to outpace our competitors within every aspect of custom home building, home additions or renovations or in a variety of ways that result in clear advantages for you:


We build faster because we directly manage the construction timeline. Our full-time employees provide us with the opportunity to fully control the construction schedule, avoid delays and assure smooth workflow so that you get to enjoy your custom home faster. This means that you get a quicker return on your investments, less overhead expenses, less bank interest and less insurance premium paid during the building process.


We build better because we acquire the knowledge from decades of combined field experience. Our management team, as well as the skills of our foremen and sub-contractors come together to provide you with better quality design, building experience and end results.


We guarantee outstanding customer service with a system structured around the homeowner. Our teams never leave a customer on their own, ensuring that every aspect of the process is discussed and included. To perfect the customer service experience, we have the single point of contact accountable for the success of the construction project:  the architect, who is involved in every aspect of your project and will help you to make changes in your drawings, should you want a bigger deck or one more closet, the site foreman, who gives you construction updates in real time, the project manager to control the schedule and stay on top of the budget, and the finishes coordinator to assist in the selection process of various surfaces and fixtures.


We offer bigger range of services and options within allocated budget. Being a part of a bigger design-build group, we start offering money saving architectural ideas to you even before developing the first design sketches. While we are drafting, we strive to find solutions within your budget limitations, to help you stick save wherever you can.  During the construction stage, we utilize our long-standing connections in the home building industry to provide you with better quotes for all major jobs, as well as substantial contractor discounts in the major renovation stores.


We are trusted, reliable and professional in every aspect of our company. Our company is proven in reliability, project completion and customer satisfaction, as evidenced read our reviews 

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