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We offer customized yet cost-effective construction.  

A decade ago, custom homes were associated with luxury.  A custom home meant big things like several acres of land, Italian marble decor, and a collectible painting in the hall. Wellcore changed the perception of a custom home. It is no longer the declaration of family wealth. It is now a statement about your personality, interests, drives, and habits. And the best part? It does not have to break the homeowner's bank. Wellcore has a lot of tools to make custom home construction affordable to Torontonians.  

Efficient builders have Design and Construction teams under one roof.

Ever since the foundation of Wellcore, we have believed that Design and Construction teams should be under one roof. It helps not only to achieve an architecturally impressive home but also to build it without breaking your pocket.  Working with construction and design teams, Wellcore can offer different options to execute architectural decisions. These options are always carefully priced to the homeowner's expectations, and when the house is built, you have only warm and pleasant memories of building it. Not mountfull of debt of unexpected costs, emotional breakdowns, and a pile of lawsuits. At Wellcore, we believe that the initial design stage should always be crossed with the actual construction team to ensure full transparency of the budget, construction process, and customer expectations, leaving very little room for surprises in the middle of construction.

Customer transparency and constant self-improvement are key factors to keep our budgets low.

At Wellcore, the customer budget is our top priority. We always ask ourselves two questions: 

  1. Can we build it cheaper?
  2. Can we get more custom features for the same money?

We constantly educate our homeowners about multiple options to achieve their expectations for the custom home. We digitize our communications with trades, leaving no opportunity for responsibility-shifting. We build in scale to ensure our suppliers provide us with the best prices for material supplies. We continually optimize our in-house operations to ensure minimal overhead and mistakes. Our company`s almost two decades of history prove that we are on the right course

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