As is evident from our project count, our team is very experienced with project development from scratch as well as obtaining all the necessary permits for the project.

Getting a building permit 

Getting a building permit can be an overwhelming and time consuming process for the homeowners. Wellcore team utilizes knowledge gained from obtaining countless number of building permits to arrange for a smooth and transparent application process. Within our services, we are responsible for all communication with the zoning and building examiners to ensure that your project complies with the Ontario Building Code, municipal zoning and other applicable laws.


The city building department checks permit drawings, also known as blue prints, to determine their compliance with different building laws and bylaws. You may be wondering, what laws regulate what can and cannot be built on your property? As a homeowner, what am I responsible for?

Various Acts that Govern the Building Process

All construction companies have to adhere to the Ontario Building Code (or OBC), according to which any modification of the area than 108 square feet, requires a building permit.


OBC establishes the technical and administrative requirements and minimum construction standards such as:

·         structural sufficiency

·         construction materials

·         plumbing and mechanical systems and safety

·         fire protection

·         public health

·         safety

·         resource conservation

·         environmental integrity

·         accessibilit


The purpose of the OBC is to ensure that all buildings meet uniform safety standards, so that every neighbourhood, home, business and public building is accessible, safe, and responsibly built. For a full view of the text please visit this page. 

The Zoning Bylaw

The Zoning Bylaw regulates the placement of buildings on a lot, and it is different for each municipality. It takes into account height, size, placement, location, minimum and maximum height, location of other buildings on the lot, location of building on adjacent lots, parking requirements, land and building uses, density and minimum and maximum lot sizes and dimensions. For a full view of the text please visit the link.

Applicable Laws

As well as the local Zoning Bylaws and the OBC, there may be other factors that apply to a project of proposed construction. These are called applicable law. The most common acts a project has to comply with are:

Ontario Heritage Act

This act applies to properties possessing the heritage status, meaning that the house or lot belongs to the heritage inventory or is located in a heritage conservation district. If these apply, approval from the City Heritage Advisory is required to make any alterations, construction or demolition. The proposed project needs to comply with the heritage criteria of the area, which may dictate the style, size and architectural design of the area.

Conservation Authorities Act

This law regulates and may prohibit work from taking place in valley, stream corridors, and wetlands, areas of interference and portions of the Lake Ontario waterfront. If your property is regulated by the Conservation Authorities Act, you will need to apply for a permit from the TRCA before any construction begins. For a more detailed look at Applicable Laws please visit the link.


Once your building permit application has been lodged with the City, you, of course, need to know the permit review timelines. If the complete application was submitted for custom home or home addition, the building permit (or written refusal decision) should be issued within 2 weeks. However, if the application is not complete (for example, if the zoning certificate was not included, or there is no confirmation that the applicable laws have not been satisfied), the paperwork can bounce back and forth with no results.


 For applicants with little experience, it seems almost impossible to prepare the complete application from the first time.  For our company, obtaining the building permits in a timely manner is always the result of an professional planning, focused effort and commitment to excellence.

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