In May 2020 We hired WellCore to renovate/rebuild a 2.5 storey house and add an extension at the back. 

We chose WellCore based on the very clear and transparent budgeting information that they provided. Their quote was competitive and they had excellent client references.

During the demolition phase, there were a number of surprises, due to the age of the house, but Vince and Alex were able to solve these problems as they came up. Both Alex and Nat had very good design ideas and helped us a lot in making decisions. Anna provided a project chart to make sure we choose everything in time for the construction. She also connected us with suppliers and provided choices for each phase of the project.

Eugene and the construction team were excellent. Even though the cost of materials went up during the pandemic, WellCore was able to stick to the original estimate pretty well. Overall we were quite pleased with how the project turned out.

Happy homeowner, as seen on HomeStars (10/10)

Wellcore, designed and built a large side and second floor addition, more than doubling the livable square footage. End result was incredible and could pass as a new house built at 50% more per square foot

Nicholas1, as seen on Homestars (10/10)

With three kids and one on the way, we had no choice but find a solution to our space constraints. Moving was not an option, so we contemplated renovating and expanding our existing dwelling. We interviewed numerous contractors and increasingly felt discouraged and defeated... until we met Alex and the Wellcore team. We signed a contract and soon realized that we made the right decision. They were professional, courteous, honest and responsive. Most importantly, we were on budget. We would recommend Wellcore to anyone with home renovation needs. 

Andrew from Etobicoke, as seen on Trusted pros (5/5)
Jane (4.7/5 Trusted Pros score )
Robbie, as seen on HomeStars (10/10)

I couldn’t be happier with professionalism and resourcefulness of Alex and his team! Our house turned out to have a great flow with lots of air and light, thanks to lots of useful advice from Alex’s architect including a proposal to add carved out ceilings in upstairs bedrooms. All finishes look stunning and very well done. Due to peculiar positioning of the house permits weren’t easy to obtain and drawings required a lot of work – Alex’s team followed through on the entire process end-to-end and I didn’t have to worry about anything. For the same reason (house location) construction was challenging, but again, Wellcore made it all work beautifully. Thank you so much for all your dedication and making the seemingly impossible achievement to happen!

Another happy homeowner
Wellcore, designed and built a large side and second floor addition, more than doubling the livable square footage. It was a large challenging project requiring excavation, tree removals and numerous surprises along the way. Some limited delays along the way, mostly unavoidable. Wellcore provided end to end service allowing us the right level of involvement. End result was incredible and could pass as a new house built at 50% more per square foot.

 This was a large undertaking by our family. We essentially kept 3 walls and the roof. Everything else is new. Alex and his team were awesome. They guided us through the process (from inception, budgeting, permits, and construction). Of course, along the way, there were small hiccups that occurred (partially our fault) that required extra attention, but the Wellcore team guided us through everything and provided assurances to our family and our neighbours who were impacted by our project. The work was completed on time and on budget, which is a rarity in today's age. Thank you Alex for helping us reshape our house. We're pleased with the results and look forward to settling down in our modern home.

Private User

Alex and his team at Wellcore made my vision become real. Just imagine one of those ancient downtown multi-tenant wrecks with "good bones". I had no idea I was in for a gut job! Thank goodness Alex was smart enough to anticipate what we would encounter and bid an adequate budget -- which he was vigilant about monitoring -- to make sure I always approved any "extras" before proceeding. My goal was to end up with 3 bedrooms, while turning another into a master suite/walk-in closet. This meant we had to fortify an attic floor and replace a dangerous staircase. Alex came with me before I bought the house to confirm this plan was feasible. It was only possible because he had the brilliant idea to flip the direction of 3 flights of stairs to provide safe, well-positioned access to all levels. The quality of the construction (yayyy Vince!) and the craftsmanship of the interior finishings is top-notch (and I am a very demanding customer). The team take real pride in the beauty of what they are creating. Alex never made me feel stupid or unreasonable, and always greeted me with a smile and a "can-do" attitude even when he knew I was going to ask him to adjust something! He always found an "in-budget" way to include a restoration feature, and affordable ways to solve a problem. And many thanks to Natalia for wonderful and endlessly patient design assistance. Plus, Wellcore handled all the drawings, permits, and inspections. I was so lucky to find this company and will definitely use them again.

Review of Wellcore Corporation custom house build
I am writing this review for Wellcore Corporation who completed our custom house (Scarborough images on their website) in June of 2017. This may be a lengthy review for some, but I feel it is necessary to convey our experiences with Wellcore over the course of this project. If you find it's too long, I've summarized the review below. Summary This summary is what you should read if you want the quick rundown on our experience. Overall, I would highly recommend Wellcore. They are genuine and caring and will ultimately ensure that you are satisfied at all steps of the project. It's honestly easy to hire a contractor and have them build a house, but the question that remains is what type of relationship will be built between the individual and contractor throughout the project and what level of quality is maintained throughout the project. At the end of the project, we developed a strong relationship with Wellcore. We are 100% positive that we made the correct decision and not because our house was built by them, but because we hired professionals that brought experience and quality to the table in a timely fashion. Right from the beginning, they outlined the steps involved in undertaking this project and reassured us that every step would meet our expectations. We know that the house is well built and will last just as long as our 93 year old house. As a side note, during this project we hired an urban planner in Newmarket for the permit phase (we found the urban planners thinking they would help us get the permits quicker; they were separate from Wellcore) who were deceitful. I want to bring this up to show that our project certainly wasn't without it's hiccups, so we've met individuals throughout the project that we would never hire again. During the lengthy time of trying to acquire the permits with the poor performance of the urban planner, Wellcore continued to back us up (help us acquire permits) and reassured us that we would be successful in acquiring permits. With Wellcore, we would definitely hire them again. Before I finish I would like to say that I've posted this review on multiple websites and that the level of detail of this review reflects what I think of the company. Furthermore, you should do your research and read reviews in detail before hiring anyone, we interviewed several builders and decided on Wellcore. Should you decide to go with Wellcore, you definitely won't regret it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Second & Third Story Addition
With three kids and one on the way, we had no choice but find a solution to our space constraints. Moving was not an option, so we contemplated renovating and expanding our existing dwelling. We interviewed numerous contractors and increasingly felt discouraged and defeated... until we met Alex and the Wellcore team. We signed a contract and soon realized that we made the right decision. They were professional, courteous, honest and responsive. Most importantly, we were on budget. We would recommend Wellcore to anyone with home renovation needs.
SretenĀ from Etobicoke


Built a New House

We engaged WellCore Corporation for building a new house in Etobicoke. We interviewed many builders prior the start of project and WellCore was the most transparent and opened in the initial estimate allowing us as owners to have an influence in all phases of the project and in choosing all house finishes. During the project we were amazed with their patience regarding some neighbours that constantly harassed the crew during the building process. We as owners learned that building in our part of Etobicoke could be very challenging with hostile neighbours resisting any changes and city bureaucracy and their inspectors that are unreasonably picky in this part of the city. Honestly we really admired WellCore's professionalism dealing with many unreasonable requests from the city that were not based on written standards. Overall they provided excellent service and we are happy we went through this endeavour with them. We cordially recommend them for any major projects - new houses or major renovations.


Jaspal from Scarborough


The service provided by WellCore was very professional. Very honest people.

I only have good things and only good things to say about the staff and the services provided by WellCore.

I strongly recommend.

Konstantin from King City

With Wellcor we avoided the usual nightmare of building the house on your own. Vince's expertise as a builder and Alex's efficiency to get all the trades on time made possible for us to move back 8 months later. Prior to hire Wellcor as a general contractor we've interviewed other builders and none was even close to the budget we could afford. Wellcor built our dream house and saved us a lot of money!

Calvin in Toronto

 We have interviewed a dozen of small and big contractors and when I met with Alex with his very detailed contract, my wife and I decided to go with Wellcore. More I hear about horror stories from people around me with their contractors (there are 2 houses on my street with 2 different builders have stopped building for more than 6 months), I realize that I was very lucky to find Alex. They not only built my beautiful house (almost) in time but also ALWAYS show up if there are anything to be patched/fixed even months after the house was built. Alex is extremely responsible which I believe is the MOST important when you are building a house. Anyone can build a house but I haven’t met that many responsible GC. Thanks again for building the beautiful house. I’m (almost) sick and tired of people taking pictures of my house and yelling “you have a beautiful house” daily. :P Special thanks to Vince, Nat and Eugene. It was fun building house with you.

Genady Zaslavsky

We have completed two custom construction projects with Well Core Corporation. Staff is skilled, competent and have good customer service. They have completed everything in a timely manner, within budget and in a professional manner. We are very happy with their work and would definitely recommend them as a general contractor for private and industrial construction. 

Steve and Irene

After interviewing numerous contractors, we chose WellCore to take on our project which included a rear and second story addition of our 1.5 story house. From the design stage, thru the permit process and then construction, they were always on top of everything and worked with us every step of the way. We started designing in July, construction began in October and we had our newly built house by March. ON-TIME & ON BUDGET!!!

They are professional, honest and the most hard-working crew we have ever met. We had such an amazing experience with WellCore that we would not hesitate to hire them again for any future projects and without any hesitation, recommend them to all our family and friends.

Thank you Vince, Alex, Nat and crew for a job well done!


We are very satisfied with the Second Floor addition project made by Wellcore headed by Alex, Nat and all the staff. In-fact they exceeded our expectation. From the very start of the Project, they assist us in every step of the way special mention during our quest in terms of financial we are greatly pleased for their patience. I can call them as partners like a distant relative and Friends very Profesional, and they have a Great Team we enjoyed it I'm looking forward in working with them in our next project.

Rita & Miguel

We would like to personally thank you, Alex, for taking us through a very exciting journey in renovating our home; which included a second story addition, main floor remodel, and basement apartment. The personal attention that we received from you, Vince and Nat, along with the rest of the Wellcore team made our renovation an easy one. Wellcore Corporation treated our family with respect, class and dignity, and we are very thankful that you took the time to personally tender to our needs. Those particular qualities that you and your team demonstrated made the process a wonderful experience. As we settle into our newly renovated home, we have had some questions, and your team has been right there for us. We, as a family appreciate all of the help that you have given us, and continue to do so. The quality of representation and the attention to detail from the beginning of the process to the finished product has been remarkable. We are now proud owners of a renovated home, and we are very happy with our decision to have had Wellcore Corporation as our personal contractors. Our family has always been impressed with organizations that take the personal touch into their approach. We are very thankful that Wellcore Corporation took that approach with our family. The workmanship is detailed and of high quality. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much for your dedication to our project and our family. We appreciate all that you have done for us. Ruiz Family


I hired Wellcore Corporation for a rear addition on the Kitchen area and also for stucco installation on the front and back of the house. I initially met with Alex and Nat to explore different options of how to accomplish the project. I was very impressed with Alex and Nat regarding their expertise and help to come up with a final project design configuration which would meet my allocated budget and also give me the type of design I was looking for.

Alex also suggested first to go a visit some of the sites where Wellcore had done some additions and a full custom build house to see and verify the excellent workmanship to accomplish their projects. I was very impressed and after a few more meetings, I decided to go ahead with the project.

I met periodically with Alex, Nat and Vince to review the project status and to make sure that the allocated budget was met. Alex,Nat and Vince were always available to discuss and solve any issues related to the project, cost, time and minor changes required.

The project was completed on time and budget and the final result was the beautiful addition that I was looking forward to have done.

I want to express my gratitude to the whole Wellcore team for their professional work ethics and workmanship
demostrated during the whole project.

I would definitely recommend Wellcore Corporation to anyone looking for a trusty and knowledgeable contractor.

F. Rey


 Alex and Nat from WellCore along with Vince whom I met during the quotation process was hired to build a fully detached 23' x 26' garage. This included the cement foundation with some specialty requirements but fully reinforced and fortified, fully insulated including garage door with vinyl siding, roof, eavestroughs and fire/mold resistant drywall. Price was fair and competitive to the competition and it was meeting Alex, Vince and finally Nat that made our decision vs. the competitors. The result was a resounding "thumbs up!". Alex is courteous and always provides excellent detailed breakdowns and manages the financial and budgetary aspect perfectly. Nat provides excellent technical advice and suggestions and is always easy to work with. Vince who supervises the site work is both technically knowledgable as well as fantastic to work with! While we continue to work with neighbour issues which have been no fault of WellCore in any way, the WellCore team have been absolutely professional and stand by thier work. Alex is very fair and always takes the time to ensure that you are comfortable with any arrangement, pricing, and will sort out any issues as necessary. No need to worry as long as Alex is on the case. Workmanship is excellent. These guys know how to build and build it right. All inspections have passed with no issues. These guys work hard and put a quality product together. The various sub trades they have brought for the garage door, roofing, aluminum work all have been more than fantastic to work with in every possible way and representative of WellCore's commitment to quality and excellence in providing service. WellCore doesn't make construction problem yours... they take ownership and make the construction hassle free. Thanks again everyone!


Earlier this year I was moving into my condo, which was previously rented out and was somewhat outdated and tired. Having a limited budget, I considered repainting the walls, changing kitchen cabinets and installing new hard wood floors. Needless to say, I was getting very high quotes for that, and kitchen cabinets were way too expensive for me, even the lowest quality ones. My mom’s friend recommended that I speak with Alex from Wellcore. I am so glad I did, because that was the best experience ever! Alex was very nice and attentive. He gave me the best quote for the floors AND an unexpectedly affordable quote for painting, which even included painting the washroom and ceilings! He checked out my kitchen cabinets and suggested slight sanding and a new coat of varnish instead of replacement. He also recommended a few stores for hard wood floors, since I did not know any, and personally went with me to two of the stores to pick out the wood, picked it up from the store and delivered it to the condo for installation, with no extra charge! A few days later I honestly could not recognize my condo. The quality of work is excellent! The condo looked brand new and so did the kitchen, even though I did not replace a single cabinet. I had all that at a fraction of the cost that I was originally facing. I want to thank Alex for saving me so much money and for the stress free experience!

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