Side Extension, Second Floor Addition

Project Description

Project: Second Storey Addition, Side Extension

Area: Caledonia - Fairbank

Existing house: 2 Bed, 1 Wash, 1,873.53 sq. ft.

New House: 3 Bed, 5 Wash, 3,596.96 sq. ft.

Construction Duration:  In progress

Project Cost: Average


Side Extension and Second Floor Addition

Project Features

The construction took place on a very narror lot, with 2 feet gap between our house and the neighbours. This led to using the firerated structure on the side walls, firerated insulation, firerated drywall, and denceboard outside.

Because of the distance between two houses, we had to waterproof the basement from the inside. For the same reason, we installed the special slope on the flat roof (with the gutter system). 


Custom home features

This house features boiler heating system, with the heated floors and driveway. The windows are oversized, yet they are very energy-efficient, with the fiberglass frames and triple glazing, to make sure that the heat is sealed well inside the house. Exterior design features trendy flat roof, and combination of clean and simple stucco finishes, rustic cedar and edgy stone veneer. 

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