Welcome Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplex Apartments to Toronto.

Welcome Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplex Apartments to Toronto. 

After 2023, Toronto's low-rise multifamily construction will never be the same. Toronto has been one of the world centers for decades. It has been a favorable destination for millions of people worldwide, and Toronto has grown exponentially. In recent years, Torontonians and newcomers have faced an unprecedented housing crisis. The cost of housing is through the roof, which naturally increases the demand for rent, but there are not enough rental apartments available on the market to meet those needs. In an attempt to fight this crisis and yet keep Toronto green, the Council took unprecedented and long-awaited measures. In May 2023, By-Law 474-2023 was voted in favor by city Council, and a new era for duplexes, triplexes, and even fourplexes began.

What is a multifamily home? 

A duplex, triplex, or fourplex means a low-rise house, typically looking the same or slightly bigger than any other typical single-family house, but it is split into apartments. A break before “plex” indicates how many apartments are in the building. Duplex - two apartments, triplex - three apartments, fourplex - four apartments. Each apartment has a secure entrance, washrooms, heating and cooling systems, a kitchen, and bedrooms. It has an entire set of regular-rise building apartments or condos yet, which is its beauty: it is placed in a regular house in the middle of single-dwelling housing areas. Multiplexes are usually located in quiet, green neighborhoods with no elevators and few neighbors.

Multifamily Home vs. Apartment Building

 Apartment buildings are a significant part of any city. They are built within high-density population zones with many apartment buildings alike. Those areas are specifically designed for many people living within very limited boundaries, which has its consequences: They have large plazas for shopping, limited greener areas, big schools, crowded playgrounds, public areas, and so on and so forth. It looks like humans anthills; some people love those setups but many of us prefer less populated areas. And Toronto, despite being a huge metropolitan city, aims to keep itself green and equally populated in all parts of the city.

The option to live in quiet, single-family houses has been a dream for many people. Those green, low-traffic areas with parks, local stores, small cafes, rare pedestrians on the street, and small local schools have been ideal for living for generations. But it usually comes with a price. Buying or renting a house in such a neighborhood can be extremely expensive, and you may not require as much space as a single house; we all have different needs. That's when “plex” comes into play. Low-rise houses, not more significant than a typical house on the street, can be split into two or more apartments, giving you a unique opportunity to live in quiet areas yet paying only a fraction of typical costs.

Duplexes, triplexes, or fourplex housing

Multifamily homes occupy a very important niche in city real estate markets. They play an important role for tenants and for landlords. They help create an option for investors and provide comfortable, not expensive options living for tenants. In our following blogs, we will dive deeper into all aspects of multiplex development, construction, and renting from tenant side and from investor point of view. 

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