COVID-19 protocol


Wellcore Corporation always operates with a high-level of safety and discipline, and the specific COVID-19 measures we've put in place are designed to help keep everyone working on our sites as safe as possible. 


Below is an overview of our current COVID-19 site protocol. It is based on COVID-19 – Standardized Protocol for All Canadian Construction Sites.


In order to keep our sites as safe as possible we are implementing the following:


1. We are limiting site access to workers on an as-needed basis.

2. We maintain at least 6 ft. physical distance from other workers on-site

3. We practice good hygiene and provide all the sites with supply of protective masks, hand sanitizers and gloves

4. We ask everyone to avoid touching door handles, railings, sharable items like pens, drawings, phones, tablets etc. on-site

5. We ask everyone to follow the one-way passage arrows to navigate the site

6. We encourage our customers to take all meetings via video conference or teleconference whenever possible


We want you to know that Wellcore team is here to support you and to complete your project in the shortest possible period as we manage through COVID-19.


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