New 10-star review for Wellcore Corporation

 Alex and his team at Wellcore made my vision become real. Just imagine one of those ancient downtown multi-tenant wrecks with "good bones". I had no idea I was in for a gut job! Thank goodness Alex was smart enough to anticipate what we would encounter and bid an adequate budget -- which he was vigilant about monitoring -- to make sure I always approved any "extras" before proceeding. My goal was to end up with 3 bedrooms, while turning another into a master suite/walk-in closet. This meant we had to fortify an attic floor and replace a dangerous staircase. Alex came with me before I bought the house to confirm this plan was feasible. It was only possible because he had the brilliant idea to flip the direction of 3 flights of stairs to provide safe, well-positioned access to all levels. The quality of the construction (yayyy Vince!) and the craftsmanship of the interior finishings is top-notch (and I am a very demanding customer). The team take real pride in the beauty of what they are creating. Alex never made me feel stupid or unreasonable, and always greeted me with a smile and a "can-do" attitude even when he knew I was going to ask him to adjust something! He always found an "in-budget" way to include a restoration feature, and affordable ways to solve a problem. And many thanks to Natalia for wonderful and endlessly patient design assistance. Plus, Wellcore handled all the drawings, permits, and inspections. I was so lucky to find this company and will definitely use them again.

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