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When the homeowners move into a newly built house, they are too busy with settling down, choosing new furniture, organiizing housewarming parties and so on. In a whirlwind of chores, finding a few minutes to share their construction experience with the public might be a challenging task. This is why we were delighted, when the owner of a new custom home, built by our team two months ago, wrote a very detailed and long review, describing his personal experience building a house with us.


"I am writing this review for Wellcore Corporation who completed our custom house (Scarborough images on their website) in June of 2017. This may be a lengthy review for some, but I feel it is necessary to convey our experiences with Wellcore over the course of this project. If you find it's too long, I've summarized the review below.


This summary is what you should read if you want the quick rundown on our experience. Overall, I would highly recommend Wellcore. They are genuine and caring and will ultimately ensure that you are satisfied at all steps of the project. It's honestly easy to hire a contractor and have them build a house, but the question that remains is what type of relationship will be built between the individual and contractor throughout the project and what level of quality is maintained throughout the project. At the end of the project, we developed a strong relationship with Wellcore. We are 100% positive that we made the correct decision and not because our house was built by them, but because we hired professionals that brought experience and quality to the table in a timely fashion. Right from the beginning, they outlined the steps involved in undertaking this project and reassured us that every step would meet our expectations. We know that the house is well built and will last just as long as our 93 year old house.

As a side note, during this project we hired an urban planner in Newmarket for the permit phase (we found the urban planners thinking they would help us get the permits quicker; they were separate from Wellcore) who were deceitful. I want to bring this up to show that our project certainly wasn't without it's hiccups, so we've met individuals throughout the project that we would never hire again. During the lengthy time of trying to acquire the permits with the poor performance of the urban planner, Wellcore continued to back us up (help us acquire permits) and reassured us that we would be successful in acquiring permits. With Wellcore, we would definitely hire them again."


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