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                Wellcore Corporation is a company based in and offering services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in custom residential design and construction, home renovations and improvement and additions. Wellcore is structured around our customers, which is why we believe in the construction of custom built homes designed for our customer’s individual needs. Here’s a little bit of information about our company origins, management and mission:

                Our founders started this firm in 2006 with the intention of creating a unique tool for those not satisfied with homes available on the real estate market by providing customers with a team highly specialized in custom home building, renovation and addition at affordable costs and superior quality construction. Our three founders have since then propelled us forward into becoming one of the most trusted names in custom home construction with their passion for creating unique, beautiful custom homes.

                As our company grew, our founders Natalia, Vince and Alex saw the potential of their individual skillsets and combined their experience into a powerful company dynamic that allows customers to have the most personalized home construction and renovation process possible. Their individual talents come together to provide you with the perfect home design and building process.

                Natalia, our professional architectural designer and project manager has spent over 20 years in the residential design, building planning and construction industry, and has perfected her skills as an interior and exterior designer over the years. She is the forefront of our design team, and her skills are what allow our customers to match their ideas to design and budget.

                Vince is the head of our building and construction division, and is a professional engineer. Throughout his 30 year long career in the business he has worked on hundreds of projects including housing construction and high rise development, and has utilised his skills as a builder and engineer in home planning and construction execution.

                Alex is highly organized, passionate and goal oriented natural born leader, with the major in business and economics. He puts his knowledge of the housing market, construction practises and budgeting skills to use by providing customer support throughout the building process, helping you plan a detailed project budget, organize, plan and keep the necessary links between customer, architect and construction supervisor.

                Together, the three individual skillsets of our founders combine to create Wellcore Corporation, a custom home, home addition and renovation general contractor that provides construction and renovation services of exceptional quality throughout the GTA. As our company grew we carefully selected and trained a dedicated, loyal and committed construction team, capable of providing customers with our company standards of excellence. Over the years we have gone through the process of working with and retaining a set of exceptional sub-contractors. Our plumbers, electricians and HVAC professionals are the most reliable, skilled and professionally established individuals in the GTA, and are guaranteed to provide results that exemplify what Wellcore is about: excellent service at a reasonable cost.

                Our unique method of home construction, skilled teams and dedication to quality has allowed us to become a trusted, well-known name on the market. Currently, we build over 20 custom homes a year and engage in countless home renovations, additions, remodels and extensions. In the past 10 years, we have loyally served the GTA, providing people like you with the opportunity to build affordable yet customized house, which makes major difference in improving your life and increases the home equity. 

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