7. Building Permits approval


Building Permits approval. Once you create your idea on paper its time to prepare the entire set of all required documents and submit it to the city. Obtaining permits is a final part of the Planning & Design process. No matter how detailed your drawings, it s always a work to approve your project through the city departments especially if you are going through committee of adjustment. City will always ask for minor adjustments to be applied to the project, additional documentations or engineer calculations to be submitted, or by simply calling to the city and remind them about your project and due dates.  
City would require the following package of documents to be submitted:   
1.     Drawings. Once we made your ideas on paper we have to do it in drawings according to the North American drafting standard and submit it to authorize city divisions for review. Upon completion the city would issue a permit to build on the requested property.  Each set of drawings including.
a.       Existing property drawings.  
b.      Site plane
c.       Layout of all floors 
d.      Elevation
e.      Section Details   
2.      HVAC Design and calculations. City needs an HVAC calculation and design to be presented in order they can review your heater and air conditioning systems. Will it produce enough BTU`s to heat your house?  What are the proposed routes for air ducts and if it’s not in conflict with OBC and city standards. 
3.       Survey if necessary.
4.     Structural Engineering, required calculation. Professional engineer have to calculate our project and approve it with his seal. This is done to make sure that all the bearing walls are made according to code and simple physic`s law and your house would not fall apart once its build.
5.     Additional papers.  If your project is require additional permits from one of the departments like (Conservation, Heritage, Planning, Transportations, etc) they also have to be obtained prior to apply for city Building Permit.
Once all documents are received we are ready to submit them to the city. It takes about 4-8 weeks for city to approve unless we are going through committee of adjustment or any other city departments.


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