Three Storey Addition, split in 3 legal units

Project Description

Project: Three storey Addition, split in three legal apartments, full interior renovation

Area: Parkdale

Existing house: 4 Bed, 3 Wash, 3252 sq. ft.

New House: 6 Bed, 7 Wash, 3253 sq. ft.

Construction Duration:  10 months

Project Cost: average in price

Three Storey Addition & Full Interior Renovation

Project Features:

The homeowners decided not only renovate the century old 3 storey house, but also to convert it in additional source of income, by splitting it in three legal apartments: owner’s quarters and 2 rental units.

The house is located in the heart of Toronto, where zoning by-laws restrict the height of an addition and limit possible building options. If we proposed a new three storey custom home, our application, most likely, would’ve been rejected, Instead, we offered to construct second and third floor rear addition in lieu of the existing back addition, hastily erected by someone long time ago without proper foundation and currently being in emergency condition. Beautiful Victorian front facade of the building was kept in unaltered condition, old brick was cleaned, window trims were refreshed, and all windows were replaced with the new ones. Then, we constructed a second and third floor back addition on the existing footprint.

Renovation Features

The floor layouts were meticulously developed for the comfortable living of the homeowner and tenants.  

Separate gas and hydro sub-meters, smoking alarms, exit signs and a separate entry were installed for the rental apartments, located on the second and third floor of the house. Functional and durable yet modern-looking European kitchens were designed and directly shipped from the manufacturer for the rental units, along with the beautiful and elegant main kitchen.

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