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Building your own custom house in the Greater Toronto Area in 2017 can be a lifetime dream or an absolute necessity of your current situations. Either case it would be an experience which may affect your life for many years after and which you would never forget. Here at WellCore corporation we understand the challenges it involves and importance of team work it require, to build a house which is unique in its origins and designed specify for you and your family needs.  

Understanding Custom Homes in Toronto

Many customers we work with in a past decade, have very limited idea about custom house building procedures and opportunities that can be explored and utilize when building a new house. That’s creates misunderstandings and can lead to very painful disappointments, which could be avoided if proper planning steps are taken and experienced team employed. Here at Wellcore we have been building significant number of new custom houses which help us develop deep and extensive knowledge in home building industry.

Unlimited Design Ideas to Custom Homes

Every design idea has right to exist and almost everything can be built, however there are always limits which every project is going through when it goes through developing stage. Those limits are always the same: legal limits, engineering boundaries and money constrains, yet it common that in a rush of project development one or two of the three is forgot or neglected, which usually lead to the serious problems or finical losses. That’s why here at WellCore Corporation we understand how important team work when house is developed and build. Only step by step team operation can ensure that nothing is forgotten or neglected.   
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To avoid any unnecessary experience while developing and building your house, we create this section of the website to help our customers to understand how does this work and what to expect when you decide to build your own house.  Answering the following questions will help you to be prepared for experience you about to live through while building your home.

- Endless opportunity?

- Limits of new build?

- What to expect when construction started

- What costs would be involved

- How much time would it take?

Review of those topics should aid you to explore the understand what hidden behind new construction practice and we hope help you to avoid most common mistakes that can ruin your project. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your project. We always here to help   


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