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Wdesign and project planning hen you decide to go ahead with your House addition or New custom home project, you need solid, detailed plan of your project as well as comprehensive Architectural drawings of your future home. That’s when our experienced team of Wellcore Corporation can help you.  When you develop your drawings, and moving your project through the city, you not only obtaining building permit and creating future house for your family, while doing so you have time to think about all details that involved in home building.  

How Much Does it Cost to Build a New House?

  Every project starts with main question? How much would it cost? While there are, many numbers flying in the air when you start your project drafting. The final number of the project can be quite different, not to mention in many cases very upsetting when drafting is finished and you start budgeting your project with various builders.

 That’s why here at Wellcore Corporation we understand how important to keep numbers in line with expectations and why it’s essential to keep design and budgeting process together. By working on your project from money and design perspective, Wellcore Team ensures comfortable and reasonable budget as well as unique and cozy project. Based on our experience we can factor in many essential parts of the home buildings to make sure our customer received full and final picture of the project.

Experience in Design & Management 

Building a house is very intrigue and exciting experience, yet it can be very disappointing without clear and detailed plan. Design drawings is just a beginning, proper budgeting, knowing what steps to follow, finding experienced builders, proper timing and open communications is the key to successful and enjoy full project. Please feel free to surf our website for more information or contact us.       

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