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Modern house renovationA home addition or substantial remodeling of a current house is primary choice option for many families in Toronto and in many cases it is the only option. Here at Wellcore we dealt with numerous addition projects in a past decade and earned deep, sophisticated knowledge of building an addition to existing house. From second floor additions, to top of garage additions, to back of house additions, to side of house additions, and more, Wellcore has the experience to take the project from initiation to completion.

Unleash the Potential of Your House 

Working with many customers in a past we realized that not many people knows exactly what are additions. What forms it can be done and what hidden potential it can unleash in your current house if done wisely and thoughtful.
Building an addition may be very complicated, and in some case quite challenging from structural and finical perspective so potential benefits can easily be offset by astronomic costs. So before proceed to project development or actual construction its very important to determent which way to go and what should be done.

Experience in Home Additions & House Remodeling

As we were building addition after addition in a past decade and gain unprecedented experience that not many contractors can claim, we could highlight main actualities of any addition project that should help you to decide if  custom addition is the right choice. So before you proceed to your construction project its good to answer the following question:
-          Why additions?
-          What are the limits and possibilities of an addition?
-          What budget to expect?

-          Is it worth it?

Answers for those questions should help you to make final decision. In this section, we would try to highlighted most common answers we gather through our experience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your project. We are always here to help.      


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